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splee. authorities have been here at this business park searching all day for a potential fifth victim. right now all police can do is hope that the person is still alive. it was a crime spree began in hercules, may end here with the search for a body of a missing man. researchers spent the day with dogs and on foot, scouring grassy areas behind this business park hoping to find the 35-year-old. >> at this point it would appear that that is the biggest loosened for us. >> reporter: it started august 22 inside of this home owned by cindy tran. investigators say that day, he filed a police report saying two men who rent rooms from tran assaulted him. authorities believe that fight may be what sparked the killing spree. the following saturday, august 28th a house mate reported both men missing. inside of the home, investigators looking for the
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missing men found a 73-year-old bludgeoned to death. police are losing hope his son still alive. >> we like to be optimistic. in this case and it does not bode well for having a long life. >> authorities spotted valdemoro driving in pleasant hill. the chase ended in richmond. inside of the acurea, police found his girlfriend, she appeared to be strangled to death. he ran inside of the 99 ranch market in the meat department grabbing a meat cheifer and threatens officers. >> officers gave commands for him to drop the weapon. the officers were in fear for theirs lives. they discharged the firearm. the suspect was hit, suffering fatal injury autos not much is known about him. police say he drifted and borrowed cars and money from
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frinldz. he's a former security guard once working in a lab in hercules. not far from where this white escalade was discovered today, believed to be the same one he was seen driving before the crimes, authorities say the registered owner is one of the women found dead in vallejo. in a news conference in just recently ended authorities said that that fight seems to be at the heart of the investigation may have occurred because he believed that his girlfriend was having a romantic relationship with one of the two men who rented rooms from her. so many unanswered questions still in this case that has been going on a number of days now. and it involves so many people and has been taxing to the tiny hercules police department. thank you very much this, gruesome chain of events is linked to vallejo, too. the body two of friends were
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found in a home there. police say it was a horrifying crime scene. >> hi, dan. these two bodies were found inside the house behind me, three hours before the shoot out in richmond. with bodies there were explosives found, a variety of items, we're told. agents from atf carried out several boxes and put them into a waiting suv. not confirming that those are at least some of the explosives found inside of the home. and but we do know from police that charles ritenhouse, the occupant of the home, the husband of one of the women killed brought those homes chemicals, we're told from his work as a chemical engineer. a complicated and bizarre scene here. >> that is how neighbors
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described the scene. two women were found dead in a scene one detective likened to the movie "silence of the lambs". >> it appears the bodies had been here several days. so one body was inside of the residence, the second body in the backyard. >> reporter: police believe the women are the two missing friends. the two women known to frequent casinos and allen's husband reported his wife missing sunday. >> we came out to make contact with the husband to speak to him further about his missing wife is when officers investigate -- identified, discovered the bodies there at the house besides the bodies police found explosives at the home. a detective told abc 7 the materials include military explosive c 4, and dynamite.
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along with asorted bomb-making chemicals. additional explosives were found on lemon street in vallejo. >> i yims appeared -- items appeared to be chemicals consistent with precursors to manufacture explosive autos police arrested ritenhouse for explosive materials but not for the murders at this point. the suspect killed in richmond was a frequent visitor to the home at upland court. >> he'd want to hang out with me to play basketball. >> this neighbor says he acted strangely in recent weeks. >> at 3:00 a.m. he'll be out here, pacing. yelling on the phone. sleeping in his car over interest there. he'll stop at every stop in the neighborhood. >> reporter: we've learned more about his connection to this house p vallejo. we've learned from neighbors and police that he lived there on and off for the past year, police say he had a key to the house, he would also borrow
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the cars of those who lived here. but apparently the residents and valdemaro had a falling out saying he was sleeping in his car in this neighborhood recently n terms of explosives and connections to the murders police won't say what they think that might skpb don't know the cause of death of the two women found inside of the house. and an autopsy is set for tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> police shot and killed a man and took three people hostage at the discovery channel headquarters today. police spent hours negotiating with the man, identified as james lee. he the into the building wearing canisters strapped to his body. the man said he was upset about the programming and all three hostages escaped safely. >> back here a smoky brush
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fire is now contained in napa county that broke out before 3:30 this afternoon in american canyon on a hill on american canyon road. and there is in the air contained quickly. no word on how this fire started. >> officer todd young's old high school is stepping up to help. a blood drive was held today. officer young graduated from there in 1989 and has two children enrolled in the santa clara school district. he's listed in serious, but stable condition at oakland highland hospital. for a list of blood banks where you can donate in his name go to abc 7 click on see it on tv. >> an early face-to-face match up in campaign for u.s. senate. democrats barbara boxer and her republican challenger will debate tonight in moraga. a poll shows two candidates in a virtual dead heat, close,
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boxer has a slight lead. and experts say the election will be decided by candidates able to win over the state independence voters. tonight's debate starts at 7:00. >> san francisco supervisor has lost her appeal to run for another term. state court decided not to review an appeals court ruling as she was determined out. arguing because she was appointed to the first term there is another term left to run. she issued a statement saying she's das pointed with the decision. >> more to bring you tonight. well... get ready. heat is here again. >> and it's going to hang around heading into tomorrow. we have triple digit temperatures inland. i'll have specifics coming up. >> sandhya, thank you. and mismarketing botox. the drug maker must pay for
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a fire burned an old victorian in downtown san jose. the fire department sent out crews to all residents were evacuated safely. one fire fighter suffered head and neck injuries and another, a shoulder injury. >> yesterday werk told you about a mountain lion spotted ask killed in berkeley. tonight there was a different kind of animal causing problems, coyotes. and leigh glaser is live with the story. >> we're here along west view drive. there is warning signs going
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up, warning of overpopulation of coyotes coming in, taking pet food and taking pets. >> this is a the four pups. >> this night time video of a family taken by county vector control in the backyard of this home last month. only 20 feet from the back door. coyote populations are exploding and so are calls to vector control. double the cause from last year. especial any sarah to goa. >> there is a general area near prospect and sarah to goa. we've had a number of calls recently. and probably where they have made some incourage drk-incursion north of 8 5 freeway. >> larry meringer says vector control sent out warnings for the neighborhood.
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>> i've heard from a couple neighbors they've believed their cats are missing and feared coyotes have gotten them. we want to keep our dogs safe. >> of this map shows where the highest concentration of the coyotes are in the county. >> once moving into the areas, they generally stay until they have their pups. the pups will get chased out by the parents when old enough. >> where they can find new sources of food and water, most safe yempk for food left outside in established neighborhoods like this one. >> coyotes love the creekside. it's perfect. they have water, cover, then, they have this open area for hunting rodents. >> reporter: coyotes roaming neighborhoods during the day has been on edge whit comes to pets and small children. >> just like small dog or cat, a toddler can be a target for a coyote. >> and that that is what is so
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dangerous rus, why vector dronl wants to get out to people in these high coyote populated neighborhoods saying smart advice, keep pet food in the house, pets in the house, report any sightings that you see. >> technology, steve jobs is trying to get apple tv into your living room. and today unveiled a smaller, cheaper device, apple users will be able to rent shows under $1. but the selection is limited. at least for time being. >> this is a big step for some of the studios to make. and so there is abc and fox taking this step with us going to offer shows for 99 cents wex think rest of the studios will get on board pretty fast with use there is more. announcing what he called a biggest change to apple ipod
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line up ever. the redesigned nano will feature a touch screen now and will have a video touch function and will combine option was the voiceover option. >> the maker of the drug botox will face $600 million to settle an investigation into marketing practices. the company he said it will plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge of misbranding. the techniques led doctors to use botox for unapproved uses such as treating headaches, pain and cerebral palsy in children. >> we're going to get the use of an investigation into the pg&e controversial smart meter autos do they work? 7 on your side is in on this from the beginning. >> it's going to be a packed meeting tomorrow. the world is going to be there. and there is mounting plaints about the smart meters, many have come to 7 on your side
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saying the bills shots way up after smart meters were installed and have been testing meters the past five months and today will find out what investigators have to say. and are they accurate or not. a group says there should be a moratorium because of continuing doubts about this new technology. >> when you have thousands and thousands of consumers saying wait a minute... i don't like it. i don't trust it. i'm not benefiting from it. those consumers complaints should be heard. >> pg&e says the tests say the meters are working well. i'll have a full report and tonight at 6:00 i'll show how one family protested a huge spike in the bill after a smart meter was installed. >> and tragedies after children have suffocated after being left inside of a car on a hot day. now, safety groups want the
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government to require warning systems in cars. auto makers say developing a reliable system could be difficult. and the federal investigators were researching to see if they work. it's been a particularly bad year. 41 children have died in locked cars so far. more than any other year at this point. >> shoppers in california will still get the choice of paper or plastic. state legislature rejected a bill that would have made california the first state in the nation to have ban plastic bags. under the bill shoppers would have had to bring their bags or pay a nickel for a paper one. supporters say it would have stopped at 19 billion plastic bags from lining up inland fills. and lastic plags are banned in cities including san francisco and palo alto. >> and thank you very much.
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>> and sandhya pattern warned us it's going to be hot. >> skb you felt the heat, i'm sure if you're outside. if you didn't, there is always tomorrow. it's going to take around inland. inland communities going to come up a couple degrees. getting hotter there is a live pick. speck lack tar view there. there is clear skies across the bay area z as we show you a different vantage point, you'll see it's sunny in san jose, into 90s now. and there is heat in tropics things are really sarting to heat up. let's take a look at the tropics now. there is storms lined up. trom gascone in the atlantic not a threat to a land mass now. tropical storm fiona weakening quickly. there is hurricane earl, a category four storm.
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it's tracking northwest at 17 miles per hour. look at how large this store is. there is where you can see clearly-defined eye of the hurricane. it's a major hurricane. it's posing a threat to the mid atlantic states. category four, and coming close to the north carolina-virginia border, gale warnings up. the threat is early as tomorrow. and it will work parallel along the coastline towards new england and could be impacting new england area as well, heading into friday. and there is dangerous rip currents, large rains and heavy rain, wind l is a system working towards east coast that. will have a large play as to whether it veers out a little bit more. numbers now into 80s and 90 as cross most of the bay area. there is another hot day
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inlnld. not as warm at the coast. cooling trends getting us into the weekend. today, there is you probably felt warm air off shore flow and much of the state and temperatures came up today. there is tonight fog going skirt just off the coastline here, not making it to the coast by morning. morning starts out clear. temperatures will be mild into low 50s to mid-60s, tomorrow is a spare the air day, again. and we're looking at poor air quality. there is moderate air quality across the rest of the bay area, temperatures thursday, mid-90s for san jose. and there is 82348 san mateo. pacifica coming down. and there is downtown from 80s
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to 70s. and there is mid-80s in oakland. still warm, heading inland there is heat with 100 in brentwood. there is 84 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. a sizzling summer afternoon, inland. cooling begins at the coast tomorrow, you start to feel it heading into holiday weekend. it's breezy, cooler conditions for saturday and sunday. making plans. at least not be so hot. >> that is nice. >> thank you. >> ike's sandwich fans are not going go hungry if they lose their spot. a grand opening of a new location. >> then at 6:00 a community debate over future of a neighborhood park in san francisco. you're going to see how it's become a victim of its own popularity. at 6:00. back in a a a a a a a a a a a a
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a continuous lack of sleep is not only exhausting but can shorten your life. a new study from penn state found men suffering from chronic insomnia are at an increased risk of death compared to those who slept six or more hours per night, increasing if they suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure. the study dz not find the same impact on women, however. >> an 18-year-old south bay woman is suing abercrombie & fitch. she claims the manager says her head scarf violated the look policy. the lawsuit charges the company with violating federal civil rights laws. a nearly identical suit filed
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last year by an apply can't in st. louis. ever popular ike's sandwich shop facing eviction in san francisco staking out new ter tone in stanford, the new ike's opened today in the science and engineering building at the university and ike himself was there taking orders. ike's is among several viters for the prime location. the sands witch maker is facing an eviction in the castro district. neighbors complained the crowd, noise and order. >> people love his sandwich autos the bay area news talk leader. >> arounding n aaward of distinction. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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new tonight at 6:00 taser case sparking fierce debates,
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what a retired cop says a deputy should have done before pulling out his taser and a couple's crusade to get rid of their smart meter. the investigation they've demanded and received. then after 6:00:30 a review of the american starring george cloony. why everything you've seen in trailers may be a bit deseptemberist. it's coming up at 6:00. >> that is interesting. >> finally tonight a big honor for our friends at kgo radio. >> the bay area radio hall of fame named kgo its legendary station award winner for 2010. >> honoring station that's display excellence and community service. >> kgo radio began in 1924 and has more inductees than any other station. congratulations autos huge honor. yes. >> and world news with diane sawyer is coming up next i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm danle

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